🇩🇪 🇬🇧 FP2 20191210-nightly WLAN

Nach einen Update zum LinegaeOS nigthly vom 2019 12 10 komme ich trotz korrektem Passwort keinen Zugang zu meinem WLAN. Reboot/Flugmodus ein/aus bringt auch nichts.

After an update to the LineageOS nigthly from 2019 12 10 I can’t access my WLAN despite a correct password. Reboot/flight mode on/off doesn’t work either.

Moin moin,

after an update to 20191213 didn’t make any difference (which I hadn’t thought due to an empty Chancelog),
I first reset the WLAN settings (etc.).
Unfortunately this didn’t bring any success.

After a factory reset everything works again.



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