FP1U turns on on blue screen, then off, and again

Hi there

The fairphone FP1U that a friend gave me 2 years back just decided to give up. When I put the battery inside it, phone turns on on a blue screen, then goes off, then blue, then off, with no ending.

Not sure if this is the screen which is dead? Didn’t fall recently though…

I would try to give the phone a last chance by resetting it hardly but that would delete all my data and I never got the chance to download my phone videos…

Any suggestion on how I could

  • fix the phone?
  • get my videos back?

Thanks a million!

All the best


Is the power button completely unresponsive? In some cases what you describe might be triggered by a broken, permanently stuck power button (the white power button inside the device, not its black cap on the outside).

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Hi there. Thank you. Sorry for the long delay, I am not much of a phone fixer haha. I finally got the phone open. I tried the white power button (inside) and it seems ok, not broken and responding.

Well, I’m afraid I have no advice then how to still save your videos. If it keeps rebooting continuously, it could be a motherboard failure. :frowning:

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Well, I’m perhaps doing stupid suggestions, but I suppose you already took battery off and back in, and also, does it charge? Does it switch on when you plug it without the battery, and does it show the Fairphone logo?
(I don’t know the FP1 very well, I’m perhaps saying wrong things)

Hi, I have the same problem- did you find a solution?

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