FP1U - No spare parts production anymore? (Barcelona)

I had a FP1u from second batch two and half year ago, and I thought that it was a good idea for to change the world. I thought that it wasn’t necessary to change the mobile phone each two or three years. It sounded very good, the first modular smartphone. But what is the reality? than now i have to change the mobile phone because there is not motherboard anymore, the support team said me " unfortunately all production and/or manufacturing of FP1 parts have stopped"
I want to know if there is more people like me, and if someone have start one request compensation.
I’m so angry with Fairphone, it was very good smartphone, and it fell last week, then the motherboard was broken…
Sorry for my incredulity.
Isaac Ruiz

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Sorry about your motherboard.
Just FYI: The FP1 was never modular. The FP2 is the first ever modular smartphone.

You can try your luck at the FP1 #marketplace::tag. Either try and find someone who sells a FP1 for scrap parts or do so yourself and let your working parts give new life to someone else’s FP1.
Or you can find a repair shop with FP1 experience. E.g. if it’s the USB port that’s broken many shops can microsolder a new one on the motherboard.

Thanks for Your Information. Maybe I have wrong to say modular, but it was a first smartphone that I heard, than it was possible to change the little parts, like motherboard, display, vibration mechanism, flash and others parts.
If somebody know a repair shop with FP1u experience near to Barcelona, please say me.
Thanks again Paulkreuzer.

For the record, there is more information here:

I’m also pinging @ccamara, he is the founder of Fairphone Barcelona.

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