FP1U doesn't start anymore. Seems dead

Even when I press the ON button during a long time, the device does not turn on . Ditto when the device is on AC power.
No lights when I put the cable on AC power.
Recovery mode doesnt work either.
This happened suddenly and that’s the first time.
Everything was fine before that.
Anyone has an idea ?

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This is pretty bad. You see no LEDs ever, not even a short red flash?

Are you technical knowledgeable enough to attach a stable power source (3.6V) directly to the phone using the battery port?

I assume the following: Your usb port or your battery is dead (or not charged due to a dead usb-port).

Maybe others have other ideas, so wait a bit.

Take the battery out for some time (an hour or so), put it back in, and see if you can start the phone afterwards.


It worked.
The phone seems toi work now.
Thank you very much.
What happened ? :slight_smile:

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I think the theory is that there is some energy left in the phone that confuses the electronics? I hope Stefan knows more!

Maybe an older NVRAM is used somewhere in the charging circuits of the phone that has to run out of power before it can be “rest” again by reinserting the battery?

We should really make a check list for this so people can link to it …


i have posted in another thread that my phone was dead. After taking out the battery and take some parts out i cannot not find any issue. I packed all together and after that it was working again.

Hopefully this should be made sticky, because otherwise people with the same problem, throw away their phone, because it seems dead. But on the hardware side, this must be adressed. No LED when connecting the fairphone to power supply seems like the phone is completly broken, but it wasn’t.



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