FP1 Whatsapp no longer working due to update

Hi guys,
today I noticed that the latest Whatsapp updates needs OS 4.0.3 or higher. So, we’re out with 4.2.2. I used whatsapp (despite the lack of security) for quite some time.

What other messenger app can you recommend?


Signal though it isn’t federated (neither is WhatsApp though) and requires Android 4.4+ AFAIK.


Signal is a really more secured alternative :slight_smile:


4.2.2 is higher than 4.0.3, why should we 'be out’?


you’re right :smiley:

Hello all,
I have FP1 with 4.2.2. And yes this newer than 4.0.3. But this morning while starting Whatsapp, there was a message that I had to update. Several attempts to install this update did not give errors. But the request to update kept coming and I was no longer able to reach my messages.
The update request included information about a check on the correct time/date. I changed time/date in the FP1 to manual and put the date a week back. Then I was able to start Whatsapp and use it.

I actually had a similar persistent update problem with WhatsApp recently (10 days ago or so). All my attempts to update within WhatsApp failed, so eventually I downloaded the latest .apk file from https://www.whatsapp.com/android/ again and installed that anew (as if WhatsApp was not on the device yet). My WhatsApp history was preserved and the irritating daily update alerts are gone.

P.S.: I cannot stand WhatsApp.


Thank you Urs! Your advice gave me the direction for a solution.
But the link you showed I was using during all failing attempts before.
I first stopped the app WhatsApp. Then I browsed to whatsapp.com and looked for downloads (from there I was probably redirected to play store) and was able to install the latest version.
Then I finished my time travel :slight_smile:

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I believe using the link on a computer (as I did) and not on the phone (and transferring the download to the phone afterwards) might make the difference, but I don’t remember it exactly anymore. I remember the redirection to the Play Store, but I think that is when I switched to the computer to avoid the redirection. :thinking:

For me the link worked flawlessly. Everything fine again.
Thx a lot. :smile:

P.S. It’s not on my phone, as I don’t have a messanger app besides SMS. :wink:

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We have something in common there :smiley:


That’s nice. Is it open source? Anbox is the other alternative I’m aware of. It is open source, but Linux only, and it requires a kernel module or two.

I guess you are asking about the Android emulation. Frankly it’s (Genymotion) just the only solution I got to work on my Mac a few years back.

I guess it depends what you use it for.

I had this one working on my Mac like 5 years ago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlueStacks

There’s also https://developer.android.com/studio/run/emulator.html

I guess one could also play around with a full VM like VirtualBox (emulating Linux).

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I vaguely remember trying BlueStacks back then, but I was not able to make it work. I was just glad I got one solution to work, so frankly I cannot really call it a “choice”:angel:

Signal is a good alternative :slight_smile:

I know that Signal is often recommended as one of the most secure messengers, and I believe that it is. However, my main requirement for a messenger is one that is insecure by definition: I want the messenger to be usable on my computer, too.

Hi Urs, Signal clients for Windows, Mac or Linux (Debian only I guess) are available as well. You can connect to the account that you use on your smartphone. Is this what you asked for or did I misunderstand your requirements.


Yes, exactly what I wanted :+1: I will look into it. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Genau richtig verstanden :+1: Ich schau’s mir dann mal näher an. :slight_smile: Danke.

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it is, and instead of whatsapp, the connexion is not related to your smatphone