FP1(U): USB connector / part number and order information

Pictures! :slight_smile: (Only if you have taken any. No need to open it up again).

I find it really frustrating that this fault on the FP1U cannot be included in the guarantee. FP asks that you return your phone for them to inspect to see if it’s your fault or a manufacturing issue. I emailed them two weeks ago and still no reply. My girlfriend had the same issue with hers but to be without your phone for weeks and to risk having to pay for it to be mended if they deem it your fault just seems ridiculous. And very curious that it’s user error as we both developed the same error within weeks of each other.
Our solution was to buy a spare battery and a universal battery charger but it feels extremely UNFAIRphone to have to buy more STUFF.
If we tried soldering ourselves we could destroy the phone.
I don’t think I’ll be getting a FP2, despite the improved modular nature, as the customer service is terrible.

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How am I supposed to fixe it ?
I did try with other cable, it’s not that, the connector is just dead. it was working hazardously since weeks. I tried to tighten it, and to put some contact cleaner, it worked a bit better for a time, but now, it’s dead for good.
I’m not going to buy a new mother board just for a rigged micro usb connector.
Can any one tell me which usb connector I should buy, where and how to replace it ?
It’s a very common issue on any electronic device, so I’m surprise you cannot buy a spare part for that on Fairphone shop…:frowning:

If you don’t want to microsolder a USB connector yourself, please contact a local repair shop.

Maybe there is even one already in your area, that has experience with a FP1:

Well Actually I would consider solder a Usb connector, but I guess if it has to be microsoldering it’s out of my league then… too bad, I always like to do things myself better.
I will have to consider a tour to the Smartphone Klinik then…
Thanks Stefan.

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Good point to check for dust and clean the connector, Robert. I had charging problems (but no loose connector). Cleaning the connector out with a needle released loooots of dust and solved the problem!

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Bordering scary :no_mouth: … I have now noticed the Molex USB connector in a tailored side bar ad in our German Facebook group.


Great :’( i also have a broken usb plug (have the phone from preorder. So a long time but still is not fun)

When pushing the cable upwards it works but normal plugged in not anymore. Bad to see that it is this type of design. What would be a great solution is a seperate battery loading station. I don’t use the usb plug for different things than chargeing.

Some repair shops offer to repair USB connectors. Maybe there is even one in your area on our community list already:

thanks for the quick reply. Im going to check with the german shop (is most nearby)

does anyone know of a repairer in or near Shropshire UK?

Thanks hopefully

Hey Gill,
Did you manage to find someone to repair it?
Maybe you have a Makerspace or Fablab nearby?

In germany they organize repaircafes where people can come and have their stuff fixed.


Hi Patrick

Thank you for your msg.

I have found someone in Shrewsbury who have said they will look at it but I am worried as I didn’t back up the phone so I don’t want to lose the motherboard!
We have some repair cafes in UK but unfortunately not near here. I think they are a brilliant idea. In fact Frome a town in Somerset is offering repair skills courses to people aged between 18 and 35.
I feel very disappointed with my Fairphone as it has not lasted as long as my old Sony which I am now using again.

Kind regards Gill

So did they repaired it?
It shouldn’t be a huge problem for a repairshop to resolder or replace the part.


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I had exactly the same problem, no major shock but after less than 3 years of use the usb connector is near dead. I opened the phone to check and indeed the soldering is broken. Very disappointed, I thought this phone was built to last. I’ll try to have it fixed in a repair café…

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Update. The repair café guy fuxed it up even worse. It confirmed that it’s really difficult to repair. I’m not an expert but it definitely looked like it’s really hard to solder the micro-USB connector due to the lack of space in that area. I’m really disappointed of myself for having fallen to this scam, where you buy a phone that is supposed to be fair and different, it’s made in China like all the rest, it breaks after two years like all the rest, only I paid three times the price.

They need to give warranty on repairs and refund your money or try it another time.

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Hi Martin, could you give me the details of that phone shop in Bradford? I’m in Leeds and my phone has now stopped charging entirely, I think its the same fault. Thanks

I think there are some UK #repairshops in our list already. If not, please add them there. :slight_smile:

Hi there.
This is the shop I used - http://www.letztalk.co.uk/index.html

Their website has a phone number and address for their shop.

It was a year and a half or so since I got it fixed. The USB port is rather loose with some chargers but it still works without problem.

Basically, this shop did what they said they’d do - fix the usb port - when they said they’d do it for the price they said that they’d do it.

Fingers crossed it works for you.