FP1(U): Replacing display unit - The yellow tape?!

I’m actually still using my FP1(U), but now my screen has cracked. I bought a new display unit on eBay, however I found out only afterwards that the new part came without the white plastic frame that should connect with the black midframe. I think I got a spare part for a spare part here…

Nonetheless I tried a local repair shop and they would replace the broken screen + unit from the white plastic frame and insert the new one.

Now I’ve just re-assembled the phone: the display shows what it should show, but the touch sensor won’t work. Too bad. I can’t type anything, I’m stuck at the welcome screen.

Here’s what I’ve found on the forum and what I’ve tried:

  1. Disassemble again and doublecheck every single connector.
  2. Enter the factory mode and run the display test. However, when hitting “Calibration”, it just gives me some Chinese signs in RED… In the “free mode” it won’t respond, so no entries or gestures possible.
  3. Read as many forum entries about screen repairments as I could find, the best one seemed [How to seperate G̶o̶r̶i̶l̶l̶a̶ DragonTail glass from screen (FP1)], but it didn’t really give me an answer to my question.

Now my suspicion is that the yellow tape, which is mentioned in the very last step of the iFixit manual (https://de.ifixit.com/Anleitung/Fairphone+1+Display+Einheit+ersetzen/20605), does make a difference. Does anybody know what is its effect?
My new spare part came without any yellow tape or sticker in this spot. In fact, this item was hanging out, I had to flip it inwards so it would end up in the correct spot.
You can see it on the attached photo. On the left there is my old phone turned upside down, on the right the new part.

Now my question is this: Can I apply such a tape on my own? Like could I for example get some other broken screen and extract the little yellow piece? Or does it have to be a specific one?
Or am I completely on the wrong track?

Would love to get some support, would be really cool. Thanks!

My suspicion is that the aftermarket display from eBay is simply defunct, unfortunately.

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