FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])

This is the latest news I’ve heard of. So, hold on for another two weeks! :wink:

PS: Credits go to @urs_lesse who posted this in another forum.

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I ordered a FP1 battery maybe two or tree weeks ago and I got it on time…?!

In that case I guess something is wrong in the shop. I signed up for “Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock” Feb 18 and have not got any mail and I’ve been checking the shop every now and then to see and still out of stock.

Hä? Strange… I placed my order on 23.2.16 and got the battery around one week later…

still no display assmblies yet?
or did I just miss the first shipping and they are out of stock again?
(I was hoping to receive an email in case there were new displays available)

Hey @LillyF,

Yeah, we are still waiting for them. :frowning:
You will be notified the moment they are back in stock.


Hey, we are waiting for the next batch of FP1 batteries to arrive from China. They are going through final quality controls now and we expect them to be shipped next week… so hang in there! Thanks for your patience.


Hi @Douwe, can ou please notify me as well as my display broke yesterday. I already made a service request (#95465) but it says it can take up to 8 days for an answer… Thanks and happy Easter! Axel

Hey @axelito, you can leave your mail address on the page in our shop to be notified when screens are back in stock.

For those interested: Fairphone has just released a blog post about spare parts, explaining some of the back story that affects spare part availability:

Return of the Battery! (FP1 & FP1U)



Still no display available and I really need one!
My fairphone fell several weeks ago and I just don’t have a phone anymore, that is not possible (oh yes, I’ve an old one that alows me phoning but strictly this…).

Please tell me they’re available soon…

Furthermore, can somebody help me about this: My fairphone connects (bluetooth for instance) as “FP1”, but I bought it on Novembre 2014, and I saw FP1U started in “mid-2014” so… Do you think mine can be a FP1 or a FP1U? (Do your FP1U connect as “FP1”?). And does this change anything about replacing the display?

Thanks to all of you…

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Hi Faribule,

you can check behind your battery to find out whether you have a FP1 or FP1U. Both identify as FP1 when using bluetooth though. You can change that name in the bluetooth settings btw.

I am waiting for a new display as well, did you already put your email on the notification list? Lets hope that they are ready soon.

Greetings, ace28

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Is there an update on the display? My phone is almost unusable at the moment (also because of an unfortunate fall). I’m already on the notification list but a small update would be much appreciated. (I asked on support a couple of weeks ago but did not get a reply). I’m still a fan and hope I don’t have to go back on an old phone.


That was so simple… Thank you ace28!!

I’ve already put my email on the notification list, and I am now waiting…

Hi everyone!

as the display assemblies are out of stock for almost half a year and I doubt I’m the only one with a totally unusable phone:
Did any one manage to repair their phone somehow else, like using third-party parts? Is there a phone using the same screen, so one could replace it by that? I herd the design was abbreviated from some Chinese manufacturer. Maybe with a little playing around there is a chance to use a spare display of one of their models?

Best regards,

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Other than scavenging parts from FP1(U)s that were broken in some other way, not that I’m aware of. Screens assemblies from other models by the same manufacturer are unlikely to fit, as even the FP1U screen doesn’t fit the FP1 motherboard (but the FP1 screen does fit the FP1U motherboard apparently).
Whether you could replace parts within the display assembly is another question. A discussion on glass-swapping is here. In theory the actual panel used could be found somewhere, but then you run into the same issue as with the glass-swap.
If you do really want to search for spares for the most similar phone in the hope that against the odds the screen will be useful: you’re looking for spares for a Changhong Honphone V9 (having good working knowledge of Mandarin is probably a pre-requisite).

Maybe you can find your required parts here:


I was passionate about FairPhone and the idea since the beginning and got my FP1 first edition. But now touchscreen does not detect touches, but display works just fine. Since I am waiting already for more than half a year on a spare part but still nothing, I am giving up. FP1 goes into a trash can and i go for Huawei for 120 euro and i’ll just stop kidding my self about these matters anymore.
Bye FairPhone! (Fairphone: Confirmation order 16591)

Hi all!

Thanks for the infos @Johannes and @werner_noebauer!

I of course already checked the used-Fairphones-thread. Unfortunately, there is quite some folks in need of a display and only few phones with working displays for sale, so I consider this not very promising…

@Johannes, you are very right about the required Chinese skills for any information about the Changhong Honphone V9. Seems like it was only sold in china and therefore only some tech reviews were translated to English. As my Chinese is very bad (say, none), I asked a Chinese friend to do a little searching for me. Lets see what he might find…

That’s sad, @Rolands_Jjj, but of course I can understand your reasons…

Best regards

EDIT: lots of typos…