FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])

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Also my FP1 first edition screen is broken and I am looking for replacement. Maybe it helps in negotiation if it’s clear how many replacement screens are needed?!

I totally agree with Johannes.

I have an FP1U and my screen broke 1,5 years ago and was unable to replace it, I waited all this time for a screen understanding the supplier issue, but that’s too much, now the mobile is totally unoperative and I’ll need to get a new one. I have several friends that had the same issue and frustrated by the lack of repalcement they decided to buy another phone (which basically promotes the sort of practices that you want to avoid at fairphone, and the reason why all of us trusted you). Now I wonder that maybe buying another phone from the beginning would have been more sustainable as we’d have probably been able to reapair any screen without a problem. Anyway, I hope that Fairphone will fix this before selling new phones or be clear with this problem beforehand, so people can decide whether is worth to support the cause or not.


I am in a similar situation: I know that Fairphone 1 was not planned as a modular phone but your company suggested strongly that it is willing to provide spare parts to enable the repair and exchange of individual parts of the phone to avoid that the phone has to be exchanged once individual parts are broken.
My phone fell down and a part of the screen is broken such that I will have to replace this part or the whole phone in the next time. I was really disappointed to hear that it is not possible to get a new front part for the phone, which would save a lot of ressources compared to buying a new phone.

I just have to say that I am really disappointed that you explain on your homepage in detail which of the ressources that are used to build the phones are problematic in which way and what you do to try to get them in a sustainable and socially responsible way while in practice you stop producing the spare parts to get some more people (that really would like to save some ressources!) to buy the new Fairphone 2.


Hi @Katarina,

first of all, you cannot address the Fairphone team directly here. For this you can contact Fairphone support via https://fairphone.com/asksupport

Secondly, please read

PS: I moved your post here as it obviously had nothing to do with Barcelona.

Hi @Katarina, if it‘s just the glass of your display which is broken and your touchscreen is still usable, then it might be sufficient to simply buy a protection film/protection foil.
If it is just a small part of your touchscreen which is broken and the rest is still working, there‘s the possibility to kind of disable the broken part of your screen. I had this problem and posted the solution here.

HOLY sh… :scream: Can it be true?



Credit where credit is (over)due: @Stefan made me aware of it :thumbsup:


Are they selling off the spare ones they kept for warranty replacements?


You might have been right. Right now the display is shown as Sold Out again. :frowning:

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That was to be expected. Let’s hope it was people in need of a display who bought them up, not resellers who will sell them on ebay for twice the price.


Hey all,

They were online because of a mistake on our end - we are figuring out how this happened. But it wasn’t a conscious decision. Apologies for the mishap!

Any of you here on this thread who are looking for a FP1 display or motherboard - please get in touch with support so we can see what we can do to help you!

Thanks to @Stefan and @urs_lesse for spotting.


Will those, who ordered something, will be informed? Will their whole order be canceled so that they have to place a new order or will they just receive the money back for the parts that can’t be shipped? (In case of orders with mixed availability.)

We will make sure to check all orders which have either a FP1 display or motherboard/PCB in them, in order to make sure all goes as planned.

Luckily it is not a big amount. We will simply ship the orders, unless we find a reason not to.


When the Fairphone concept appeared, I was really happy to subscribe to it by buying a the Fairphone 1 to my niece.
But now that her screen glass is broken, I’m really sad to discover the Fairphone Roadmap includes the possibility of not being able to have it repaired !!!



Display assembly replacement
Touch and LCD panel, glass & front screen - Out of Stock

How can we call “Fair” that marketing choice ?!

Help me regain trust in the Fairphone spirit, by telling us when this “Out of Stock” strategy for the Fairphone 1, will only be a sad memory.

@dieudo, I’ve moved your post here, as there’s been a discussion about the issues you mentioned in this topic.

Fairphone themselves explained some of the issues that they’ve faced in sourcing spare parts here:

Another recent comment from Fairphone support suggests getting in touch to see whether a solution can be found on an individual basis, you may want to follow up on that:

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Are the FP1 batteries out of stock? I can order a camera with my browser, but no battery. The price is shown, but not the buy button.

I have the same problem with the battery. I need it!! :frowning:

@Wolfspelz, @princesscaty: For me the “Add to Basket” button on the battery shop page seems to be working again today.

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Hi all,
also I cannot buy a new battery for my FP1. I was only able to make a “Subscription added successfully” with my e-mail for this piece.