FP1 Spare parts availability (batteries, displays, motherboards, etc. [out of stock!?])

As @urs_lesse rightfully mentions, we will have FP1 batteries back in stock next week. We also plan to publish a blog next week on the current FP1 spare parts situation and how we plan to deal with the shortage for the future. So keep an eye on the blog section for more info next week!


Is its possible to buy a screen directly in China ? Its not Fairphone specific, isn’t it?

@Douwe any news on the FP1 displays?

Heads up, batteries are available again:

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But we need screeeeeeens.


you can use a bluetooth mouse or an USB OTG (adaptor from micro USB to “normal” USB) cable to connect a USB / bluetooth mouse to use the screen. bluetooth mouses require you to be able to pair them via the settings, so the screen has to be still partly responsive.

it is possible to fix water damage in some cases by using 99% alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol).

i have a problem with the display after i got the phone connected to some saltwater at the sea.


or videos on youtube.

the screen test gives this output.

i will try to clean it with alcohol tomorrow to see if it fixes it, but it would be nice if i could get a replacement unit. can you name a time when the new displays will arrive? otherwise i will have to get a replacement phone, which wouldnt be really in line with what fairphone wants us to achieve (use the least ressources as possible).

thank you!

Any news about screens? Please just let us know if we need to wait months or there is a chance to get it soon, thanks

No good news, but at least this post by Douwe should give you a realistic idea:

Especially this part:

To make it short: The prospects for any new FP1 spare screens are grim.

Also this part:

“A program to ask people to return their FP1’s in exchange for money or a discount on the FP2, so we can reuse the parts to repair other FP1’s is becoming a more realistic scenario by the day…”

@Douwe, I would hate to see the FP1 project end in such a disappointing way. Have you thought about a crowdfunding-approach, having people pay for their screens and then using the money and the advantage of knowing how many screens you need exactly to order a large quantity of spare parts? Maybe it’s easier to find a supplier if the quantity is larger.

I don’t blame you guys at all for not being able to deliver as planned, I’m just disillusioned as it once again turned out that no matter how noble your cause, if there’s no big money to be made, nobody is going to listen to you.

Ok, I tried to repair my phone, but it does not work. The digitizer underneath the screen is loose and thus, the touchscreen only works partly. I would need a replacement screen. I had the same happen to my google nexus tablet last year (that I rarely used), so I think it is a general problem with touchscreen phones - maybe fairphone can check if they can try to stop this from happening in the future.

Please update us, if there will be new screens or not, it is not good, if your phone is broken and you are waiting in vain.

If someone needs to buy a motherboard (fully functional), you can contact me. If fairphone wants to buy my phone for parts and gives me a discount for a fairphone 2 I would be interested as well.

Thank you,

Maybe @FrankM? He has issues with his FP1’s usb port right now.

Does anyone know if the FP1 rear cameras will be back in stock? My camera won’t focus since my phone took a bath…

Have you tried with an alternative camera app like Open Camera? It works for me, while the stock camera can’t focus.

I downloaded it, but it didn’t help. I think the problem is in the actual camera. Thanks anyway.

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When will there be new Displays? I am waiting for them since November , “sadly” I was volunteering in India for a year, doing social work and could not check this page every day. Also there was no promised E-Mail, when they were back in store. I am using not even a smartphone since this time. I want to be loyal to my fairphone, because it is working and I don’t want to produce extra waste. Now I am really annoyed and so close to buy a stupid other phone, because I need a working one. And as a student I definitely can’t afford a fairphone 2. So tell me if there is hope.


I just noticed that while the spare parts each had iFixit’s repair instructions attached to their individual spare part description in the Fairphone Shop, almost all of these are no longer embedded and not even linked to there – regardless of FP1 (where the instructions are indispensable) or FP2 (where perhaps it’s not that grave, but still a link to the display/cover separation video should be included). If I get it right, the sole spare part still linking to the repair instructions is the FP1 motherboard.

I think this needs to be rectified.


Thank you for notifying me! I warned our website master to have a look at this asap.

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Same problem to me. But i borrow another phone from a friend because I need a phone for work. I love my old fairphone, but with a broken Display… :frowning:
I’m not sure if I’ll buy a new on it will be a Fairphone again. If the Fairphone Company is not looking for spare parts early enough (before it gets out of stock)…unprofessional! Sorry.

Hope to hear some god news soon.
Regards Kurt


Same here. For two weeks, I am waiting for an email that spare displays are back in stock. Is there an explanation why this is taking so long?

It feels a bit like being a second order customer. The Fairphone 2 gets sold like crazy and the early adopters seem long forgotten.

Started looking for a new phone. Stopped recommending Fairphones altogether.

Still ready to be convinced back again. Team Fairphone, do something! Two weeks without a phone is alreaddy a long time :unamused: