FP1 searching for GPS constantly, even when no apps that use GPS are open

Sometimes, on my Fairphone 1, the little crosshairs icon that indicates ‘Searching for GPS’ appears in the top-left corner of the screen for no apparent reason, when I do not have any app open that uses GPS. Sometimes I have been using an app that uses GPS, closed it and it stays there. But other times it appears of its own accord.

Because searching for GPS takes a lot of battery, this is a really annoying bug, because it means that the phone can drag itself down to 5% battery in a few hours of pointlessly searching for GPS in the bottom of my bag!

Does anyone else get this? And does anyone know how to stop it?

Thanks! Carla

In tthe case of closing an app that uses GPS and the symbol stays there, closing is probably not enough. Try to find a quit function or a setting to disable background GPS searching in the app.

In the other case I guess some app starts itself in the background. If you identify the culprit somehow you can again try to find a setting or if you have root use an app like xprivacy to restrict the apps permissions.

Just turn GPS off. Swipe from top edge with 2 fingers. 3rd button in 2nd line.

(From that screen, you can also turn off WLAN and Bluetooth while not needed to save battery power.)

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