FP1 screen is broken - how can I retrieve contacts (saved on phone)?

Hi there,

A mug fell out of the cupboard, landing on my Fairphone 1 and smashing the screen. The phone is still on, it is just that the touch screen doesn’t work for me to access anything on the phone. My contact numbers are (stupidly) saved only to the phone, and not the SIM card. I was wondering if it would be possible to connect it to my PC via USB cable to retrieve these. When I connect it to the PC, it says that it doesn’t have the correct drivers installed (even though I have previously connect it to the computer to download photos off the phone). This is a screenshot of using windows explorer to navigate to the FP1 folder - but there is nothing on it.

Any help greatly appreciated.

In Windows, go to the device manager and search for the entry of the FP1. Right-click on it and press update drivers. Does that work?

Thanks Stefan. Do you know where the FP1 entry would be in the device manager? I can’t seem to find it.

Try “Other devices” or “Portable Devices”. It could also be that the phone is not listed as FP1, but by its original generic device name from the Chinese license.

Thanks, I found FP1, right-clicked on it and searched for the latest driver software. I got a message saying the latest software is already installed.

I can’t help out with the driver problem at the moment (though I believe the phone needs to be unlocked to show the contents), but did want to ask:

  • Are you sure the contacts are only on the phone? If you have a google account linked to the phone, check whether they’re also available via contacts,google.com.
  • If you have a USB OTG cable (or can borrow one), you could try connecting a mouse to the FP1 via the USB OTG cable. This does rely on the phone not being set to ‘charge only’ - but seeing as it is showing up as a MTP device, it’s worth a shot.
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Okay, then right-click and choose “uninstall device”.

Thanks Johannes. I’m fairly certain I only saved them to the phone (I have learned my lesson!) I checked the contacts on my google account and it is empty.

The USB OTG cable is a good idea - will just have to get ahold of one.

Thanks, OK, I’ve done that now.

Ok, now unplug the phone and plug it into your PC again. Hopefully Windows can install the correct drivers now.

PS.: Restarting your PC might also help.

I’ve tried exactly this (including restarting the PC), but it doesn’t seem to have worked. The FP1 folder still appears to be empty…

Maybe this post on xda helps you:

Just to be sure: The phone is unlocked? Is there a PIN code or password you need to enter to unlock the screen? If not (but only then!) you could try to reboot and see if it shows up then. Or boot to recovery (if this is possible on an FP1 without clicking something on the screen) and try to access your files via USB then?

Besides that, are you sure the contacts are available in a file via MTP? In which way/app/format are they saved?

Another idea / speculation: If the phone is linked to a google account maybe you can remotely via the Google Play store install an app that gives another way to access the phone, like AirDroid?

@m4lvin is talking about #dic:recoverymode . FP1 stock recovery is the Android recovery, which works with the volume buttons and the power button.

Thanks, Windows Media Center appears to be working

Um, yes, sorry there is a PIN code that I need to enter to unlock the screen (but I just can’t enter it since the screen is broken. Is that likely the problem?

Your only option is a USB-OTG cable and a mouse then, I’d say.

Many thanks for your help. I’ve ordered a cable off ebay

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