FP1 - Recharging bit broken? how to replace?

Hi all, regrettably, the support guys form fairphone don´t answer anymore to my questions, so I try the forum: the charging bit on my FP 1 is not working any more, something wrong with the contacts? we tried to clean and worked around a bit, but it just got worse, so I can´t connect any recharging cable anymore. Now, I need to replace the charging entry on the FP 1 but dont see this bit in the hardware repair shop. Plus, my FP 1 cannot be opend as the ones shown on ifixit as there is one strange screw different from the rest that keeps it closed.
I would urgently ask for some help… Anyone out there?

I’d suggest to consult a repair shop if they are able and willing to solder a new USB connector to your FP1’s motherboard. If you don’t find any local repair shop to do the job, you can find some here.

They might require you to provide the spare part yourself though. See this thread for the MOLEX spare part.

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Hi Urs, thanks for your suggestions. The repair options don´t help in this particular case…So, I guess I´d have to send it in - thanks for the list of shos. Sad: no one in Munich :frowning2:

The thing is that Fairphone can only replace the whole motherboard, which is quite expensive, because their repair firm does not do microsoldering. Besides, this way an otherwise working motherboard will become e-waste.

The Vienna repair shop from the list (handywerk.at) accepts shipping to other countries, which would be ~51€ in total.


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