FP1 randomly killing processes and freezing


My Phone arrived this month and it’s behaving like a maniac since it’s very first day with me. Sometimes it works for a few days but suddenly it crashes services and apps and often freezes so badly I have to remove the battery to be able to boot it up again. With OS 1.5 and 1.6; the latter even worse. It’s completely unusable that way.

I suspect a hardware damage (RAM, Flash, energy management… whatever). Do you think the same or could it be that some software settings could really do such a thing?

Peter “bones0” Guhl

While I was writing this it seemed to have itself bricket dompletely. It’s not running smoothly for even a couple of minutes now.

Time to tell the support, I guess.

Well, when I remove both sims and let the phone sit on the desk doing nothing it’s quite stable. But as soon as I start bluetooth the mess starts again.

An engineer at work guessed it might be the power supply (internal, from the battery) which is too weak and gets overloaded as soon as things who need a lot of power are switched on (like bluetooth or the 3g modem). Then somethin also needing a lot of power like writing into the flash memory might fail which causes apps to crash.

Just a guess, of course.

PS: I wrote to the support but I know they will neet about 7 days to even read the mail. It’s not that I wouldn’t accept htat… I just get a bit bored in the meantime :wink:

My tuppence guess is that Support’s first suggestion is that you perform a hard reset, i.e. revert to factory settings. It’s tedious, since it means that you’ll have to redo all your personal settings and tweakings. But if your phone is as unreliable as you describe it, and you’ll have to wait a few days for a reply from Support, maybe it could be worth a try?

True… there’s nothing to lose on that phone. I already abandoned it and switched back to the old Nokia N900.

I don’t actually see a point in doing a hard reset since it already crashed before I installed the first app but your are right; the support will want me to try it anyway.

PS: I didn’t install the Google Apps yet. Only F-Droid and about 5 apps to do some basic tasks (IRC, Jabber, K9-Mail). It mostly kills apps like the calendar, Fairphone OS, Bluetooth, Preferences, android.media etc., not the 3rd party apps I installed.

OK, I did the hard reset and after booting the very first thing on the screen was “Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped.”

As I guessed; that thing is terminally broken.