FP1 offered - does not charge

I was cleaning up my old office and found my old Fairphone 1 in its box. I stopped using it when the charging failed a few years ago. Other than not working at all I think it’s in pretty good shape. :wink:

I checked with Fairphone support and there are no more motherboards available so basically I think it’s bricked. Still, if anyone wants it you can have it.

  • FP1, S/N 4010310307, IMEI1 359694050206132
  • Will be sent from near Amsterdam in the Netherlands

I see a lot of people looking for batteries and screens and such. I think everything works except for the charger, but I’m not interested in tearing the phone apart and sending each piece separately.

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Hey shane,

I am Really interested. My screen is broken and I would like to exchange it.

Would it possible for you to send it to Germany on my costs?



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