FP1 not recognized via USB

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I have Fairphone 1 and the same problem. I am trying to apply the same steps than you but i can’t find where is “USB configuration” in the menu. Could you help me ?



To go to the usb configuration you have to swipe from top to bottom.
Tap on the message about the usb.


Thanks but the problem is that this menu is not appearing anymore even with the developers settings turn on :frowning:

Connect your phone to your computer and then swipe from top to bottom.
If you don’t see the menu for usb, then try another usb-cable.

I already tired several USB cables on different computer without success. Sometimes Windows is showing a pop up saying that it detects the USB device but can’t recognize it.

I don’t use windows on my computer.
Perhaps you can search on the word windows on this forum.

Try with a friend’s Windows computer and a USB cable that works with different phones, if it shows the same Windows error message then you probably have a defective charging module.

Thanks. I already tried on several computers and with different cables. So my charging module is defective which is probably right since I need to have my phone and the cable in a special position to be able to plug it. I am currently trying to find a shop that could fix that problem by changing the module.

Thanks but as I said, I have Fairphone 1 and unfortunately it is not that easy, at least according to the forum. I need to find a specialised shop to help me fix it and there is no referenced in my area for the moment but I will try to find one :slight_smile:

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If you just want to transfer data, you can use a microSD card or send files via FTP.

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