FP1 Not booting - not even to Recovery Mode

Hi all,

I’m experiencing the not booting problem (not even getting as far as the Fairphone screen - just light blue). I can’t even boot into recovery mode (I get as far as a black screen offering that option, but when I select Recovery Mode, I’m just back to the light blue screen). One time (and once only) I got into recovery mode, and went for a hard reset, after which I booted once, then crashed again (I let the screen go to black when out of use, and then found it totally unresponsive), and was back to where I started. I’m assuming the phone is just dead, but any input would be very welcome…

Sounds like a hardware failure. I’d try the following:

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Interesting, I am having the saime failure since yesterday. It doesnot matter in which mode I am booting the FP1U, the blue fairphone screen appears and thats it. No further action…

No problem here on my phone. This is probably coincidence.

Anyway, is there by chance any response when you connect your FP1 to a computer?

Ok, seems so. There is no reaction when I plug it in, exept that it starts charging. Hmm… I hope thats not the end of my FP1U… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can you reach #dic:testingmode?

Yes. I can reach it and run the Autotest. No clear hardware error was detected… things like no second SIM card, because I have no second SIM card inserted… :slight_smile:

For me it looks like a software error… but I have no idea how to resolve that exept a hard reset…

You are talking about a #dic:hardreset. Does that mean you can reach #dic:recoverymode ?

No I cant reach it. I thought there is a reset posibility in the recovery mode selection menu. So I have no further ideas…

As a last resort you can try this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/Fairphone_Fairphone/Guides#How_to_restore_Fairphone_if_you_totally_bricked_it

I updated and improved the old instructions in May myself so I can say that they work.

Hey Stefan, I installed the OS manually without reseting the phone, then the blue screen got stucked again. So I did a factorey reset. That was working fine, the phone started again.
Some problems occured with the google play store - I had to clean the cache before installing the google stuff… no everything is working fine, I just have to reinstall the apps manually. So i would say that was a software failure… happy to have it back :grinning:


Hi, I had the exact same! While searching for a solution I found some topics on a broken power button. When I disassebled my FP1, this seems plausible, so I decided to follow this topic: FP1: Power button does not work anymore

I just received the new powerbutton today, not sure when I have the time to replace it… I’ll let it know when I’ve done so!

Very strange, there is link for the Linux version pointing here: http://mtk2000.ucoz.ru/load/soft/soft_mtk/sp_flash_tool/5-1-0-14

I do not read Russian! Is that really the right page or a hacking attempt?

My apologies for not responding Stefan - for whatever reason I didn’t get the usual email notification of a reply… I’m going through the thread now.

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