FP1 makes phonecalls by itself!

Today in the morning I nearly fell off my chair: The FP1 called by itself (!!!) three numbers of friends, always with 2 -3 Minutes difference!
I hadn’t recognized the first two calls, the 3rd called my FP2, so I saw what had happened. This was the first time the FP1 had acted like that.
Has anybody mentioned the same thing?
PS: I wasn’t drunk from New Years Eve


On a serious note: The only thing I can imagine is a faulty touchscreen. Could you do the #touchscreentest and check, if your Fairphone does touch inputs by itself?

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Good morning,
I did the test. Everything seems to be all right. The next days will be the
test if the FP1 will do phone calls by itself again.
Thanks for your help and advice.
Greetings from Bavaria

Hey Nic !

I’ve encountred the very same problem. However it stopped a while ago. It was occuring with my first batch FP1 before the second update and with no faulty display whatsoever. Lateron, the phone also started to reboot randomly after a few minutes of usage. FP then had to exchange the mainboard which was luckily still covered by warranty by that time. So now my mainboard is a FP1U but the screen still the same and didn’t call by itself.

From my experience this problem is not connected to the screen and rather to the mainboard (and plugs and buttons) or the OS.

Good luck!

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