FP1: Macadamia 1.9.9-pre3 Alpha (Android Kitkat)

Sadly I don’t know why it doesn’t work.

It works for me in an Android emulator (at boot and when run with bootanimation).
On my FP1 it only works when I execute bootanimation after bootup. It won’t show during boot. :frowning:

I deleted your post in the #kitkat -FAQ. Please ask development questions here (like you have done).

THX. I really have problems following the right threads here. I don’t really have an overview where I am, most of the time.

Were is this “android” bootanimation.zip stores at?
And how can I get the Fairphone updater for #kitkat without gapps?
The rest works fine, I’m about to use my FP1 as my main phone again.

Hi everybody, haven’t read you for sometime and if my comment is redundant I’m sorry.

I get very weird behavior from my phone:

Notifications are completely non reliable… sometimes they appear normally sometimes I only get messages when I unlock my phone.

Phone is in silent mode but a video clip sent to me via whatsapp can be heard (and pretty loud).

Applications like “BBC News” crash without reason after 1 sec or after several minutes… or not!

I have the same problem other reported about delay when phone rings and being able to answer it. Same delay when I’m the one calling.

The Mediatek chipset is simply weird. Read this recent story:

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One weird thing that I’ve noticed:

The factory mode is entirely in Chinese after the update. Before, all labels were in English and Chinese.

OK, something weird just happened regarding the call lag:

I searched around because it bugged me (pun not intended!) and found this Stackexchange post. One suggestion was to install an alternative dialer app. I went to F-Droid and installed Dialer2 from 2012. When I then placed a call through my launcher KISS it was as fast as it gets! The effect stayed after I had uninstalled Dialer2.

My hypothesis: Dialer2 managed to load the required information (caller list? Contacts?) into the RAM and the call manager could make use of it, bypassing the stock dialer. The first time you try to call someone it takes some time until the telephony app is loaded into RAM and the following times it’s there already and calling is faster.

@NeoXtrim Do you use Xposed? I do.

PS: I’d like to split this topic, but I’m undecided whether it is #kitkat specific or happens on Kola Nut too…

Edit: An hour later, I press on that contact in KISS launcher again and the call starts as slow as always (~5 seconds). The second try is “rocket”-fast again though (in comparison).

I deleted my call history now (and uninstalled Dialer2 again, but I no longer think it’s relevant) and will report back in an hour or so.

Edit2: It’s not the call history. An hour later, the first (and this time the second a very short time after the first) placed call takes about 5 seconds until the call window appears.

Some people suggest problems with hardware acceleration and “keep in memory”-settings or Whatsapp.

Edit3: Ok, the call goes through and it can be embarrassing, if you are testing this and can’t hang up because the call screen doesn’t come up. Luckily I was testing this by calling my mother, so no harm done! :grin:

Edit4: Nope, Deleting data of “telephone /sms storage” with Titanium Backup doesn’t solve the issue.

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If you’re using XPosed you could try this.

But I don’t think you can ever solve this problem.
The dialer app has been opening slow on all Android devices I’ve ever owned (on one device it was even so bad that I couldn’t accept any calls).
Android is not that optimized as the firmware on dumb phones. It will never be that responsive.

You can try to solve this issue by throwing RAM and / or processing power against the problem but as the FP1 is not easily upgradable, that won’t be possible. (And this won’t happen, either, I guess.)

You could try to remove all apps and data from your phone. But what’s the point in having a smartphone then?

(It may be a good idea to prioritize some apps regarding RAM, but I don’t think that it possible on Android. It may be possible for the dialer app to display a steady notification.)

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Yes, this is annoying.
However, I found a workaround:
You can turn off the screen while talking by pressing the power button.
The call will continue but your face can’t hang up the call anymore.

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[20 chars needed]

It works!
While this can’t be considered as a permanent solution, it’s a great workaround.

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Hello! I’ve finally installed pre3. So far so good, except the updater app still doesn’t work for me since pre2 for some reason… It crashes instantly when I try to launch it. I have already contacted @jftr by email to explain the problem, but we could not figure it out.

Any news regarding the next update?

The following things are nice to have and not bugs:

  • Increase the amount of zram. Currently, the device uses one zram with 512MB. On desktop Linux it’s quite common to create a zram per CPU (core). That would be 4 in our case. So perhaps 4x256MB? (This will need some fine tuning.)
  • Include a build of busybox. It is a bit tedious to reinstall Busybox after each firmware upgrade. And it would be better to use a recent build made by the people who build the ROM than an old build from F-Droid (or some unknown build from the Play Store).
  • Do something about the kernel ring buffer. It isn’t possible to get old messages with only three days uptime. My laptop has those logs even after more than a week.

@jftr Is pre4 (all repos updated to 4.4.4) in sight?


It’s hard to say. I have merged all changes in AOSP code and now have to go through incompatibilities in Mediatek code. Unfortunately I can only see what breaks one project at a time: I fix one project, the next project breaks, I fix that, and so on …

Edit: While I was typing this, I was building … the build succeeded without failure. Exciting. Fair warning though: If something compiles does not mean that it works …

Edit Edit: Bootloop :frowning:


I added another finding to the dialer lag investigation.


One thing I noticed yesterday is that the CA bundle is out of date.

I wanted to open this image - but the operating system didn’t trust the CA that signed that site’s certificate.

It would be great if you could include a current version of the CA bundle with new builds (perhaps get it directly from Mozilla?).

(And while you’re at it, the timezone database needs an update, too.)

Yes I had this problem too… very annoying. Vidéo works great on my phone but other person gets pixel like images. Sound’s ok though… What’s that about?