FP1 Loud Speaker Unit needed

FP1 working Loud Speaker Unit needed
My 6 Year old FP1 doesn’ t ring when called so I figure I need a new (working) loudspeaker unit.
I live at Marburg, Germany.
Offers or suggestions appreciated.

I still have sealed new spare loud speakers, but have you made sure it’s really broken?

If it’s the loud speaker on the back, just play a music track (with no headphones plugged in) to test it.

Hej Urs, thanks for your prompt reply. I tested it with music - loud speaker doesn’ t work. I also contacted the fairphone angels nearby and they will help me out with spare parts.
However, I read about internet browsers working still well with FP1 - which one could this be and how could I install this browser on my FP1 without having installed Google Play? ( I can also start another tag for this…) Thanks so much!

Create a new topic, yes, that’s better – I have Fennec installed, but I think it only gets updates anymore on devices running Android 5 or higher (I still got updates until around late August 2020).

If you have updated your phone to Android 4.4 then you can use Lightning from F-droid.

I never tested it; but judging by the specifications IceCat should work, as it demands Android 4.1 only. It’s just not the most lightweight browser at 62MB.

And it’s pretty up to date, being from 2020-02-04.

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