FP1 lights up randomly


my FP1 lights up randomly (out of “sleeping state”). Any ideas why this can happen?


A defective power button, maybe?

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Thx but I have no idea how to verify this…

I guess it would also happen the other way around if it’s the power button.

Does this happen in any situation or e.g. only while charging? It could be a loose connection.

Sorry for my late reply and your idea: unfortunately it happens all the time not only while recharging.

Assuming a malfunction USB connector because the FP1 only reacharged holding the USB cable in a certain position I took a look inside the FP1 and in fact the USB connector was completely loose.

I’ve cleaned the 2 contacts holding the connector and soldered the connector on the board.

Whole board:

Close view of USB connector contacts:

Cleaned pin holes:

Turned board with USB connector in position…

…before soldering:

…after soldering:

Altough I didn’t break something unfotunately the FP1 is not charging more stable. Same connection interruptions as before.

Is it possible to order the complete board shown in the pictures?

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The thing is that you didn’t actually solder the connector pins, but “only” the pins that hold the USB connector on the board. What’s missing are the 5 little pins on the backside of the USB connector. You need to solder at least pins 1 and 5.

The motherboard is not sold anymore by Fairphone, but you might be able to get hold of one at the forum #market.


Thank you for your help!

What does “at least” mean? Are pins 2-4 used for something?

Edit: sorry, it’s written in the article you provided me:

Pin      Name 	Wire color 	Description
1 	 VBUS 	Red 	        +5 V
2 	 D− 	White 	        Data−
3 	 D+ 	Green 	        Data+
4 	 ID 	N/A 	        Permits detection of which end of a cable is plugged in, "A" connector (host): connected to the signal ground, "B" connector (device): not connected
5 	 GND 	Black 	        Signal ground

So I have to find a soldering tool small enough to reach pin2-4… this small black SMD part behind pin2-4 is very disturbing to solder something in this area.

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The data pins don’t work for me anymore after soldering, but nowadays there are many wireless solutions for data transfer so I’m good with those.

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have you solved the problem?
I have replaced the battery (samsung B150 AE) and a similar problem .
After putting a small piece of paper between the contacts of the ground it starts normally.
From my point of view the software does not recognize the battery.
Best regards

Not yet because my soldering iron is not small enough to reach the contacts. Have to wait until I can buy a Weller soldering station.
In my case it is the USB connector because the fairphone charges whenever I adjust the angle of the cable in right position (pressing the internal contacts more to the board on which the USB connector is placed).

Will report asap I could fix the USB connector.

Maybe there is a hacker space or a Happylab in your area, where you can use the soldering station.

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