FP1 keeps rebooting

Hello all,

My FP1U started continuously rebooting during my wife’s labour. Mother and son are fine, but I suspect the kid has superpowers, since our car battery died as well, after getting to the hospital. We are home now, but not having a phone is a major hassle.

The battery seems to be fine. I took it out but that didn’t fix anything. When I put it in again, my screen appears blue for a few seconds, then turns to black and keeps switching from blue to black. I was able to get into the recovery window by pressing power and volume up, but am not sure what to do from there.

Any help or tips would be hugely appreciated.


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I’m sorry, but according to my theory you are not the father, but your wife was impregnated by the aliens and now birthed a little savior. Congratulations anyway. :slight_smile:

on topic: Since recovery mode seems to work you could try manually reinstalling the OS. The guide obviously recommends to do a backup first, but reinstalling the OS shouldn’t remove any data. If that doesn’t help you could try a #dic:hardreset, but that will remove your data.
There is of course also a chance that it’s not a software issue, in which case you could try to disassemble the phone and clean the insides and make sure all cables are connected well. If that doesn’t help something could be broken. If you have #fairphoneangels near you they could help you determine what is broken and they might even have the needed spare part(s).

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