FP1 In Colombia - how to Homologise & register the phone model

As I understood, @Sinead_Cullen tried to register her phone and happened to run into this trouble that way. I don’t know if she would have been able to use the phone without registration (maybe that being a misdemeanour)?
Now, that her IMEI is registered, she is “trapped”, as I see it.

So, you should check before trying to register your phone abroad (or not do this at all).

Fairphone can obviously not provide the necessary forms, test-results etc. for a worldwide registration possibility. Just take a look at the link to fccid.io by @Johannes and the amount of paperwork listed there.
You obviously can use your phone worldwide - as long as the frequency range is supported, but it’s another piece of cake to import it to (i.e. register it in) another country. Then all those safety regulations apply. That’s a major reason many phones of smaller companies are limited to local markets.

AlbertJP - as far as I know my phone is a FP1… I haven’t noticed FP1U anywhere on invoice or on phone data… in “About phone” The section Model Number just says FP1… anyone know if this is the exact model number or if not, where in my phone I would get definite answer to this? Thanks

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Reading these replies and looking at web sites like https://fccid.io/2AA2Q, it looks very unlikely the FP1U has a different FCC ID, so I think you should just go on with the documents @Johannes provided.

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I second that wholeheartedly.

Thank you all for engaging in this topic… its really good to know that there is a community that I can connect with around this issue (its esp interesting as it is the reason I am in Colombia: researching eco-communties :slight_smile: ).
So I’ve been looking and reading through information required and docs available and it looks like I more or less have what is needed I’m going to try and homologise (ie get Fairphone recognised in Colombia)!! Watch this space… and I’ll let you know how I go. If anyone has another good advice or wants to do this instead :wink: please let me know! And send me a cheer for support!

(Seriously Fairphone…after reviving my FP1 from two water dunkings and now this… I should be paid for testing your phones!! :wink: )


Good luck Sinead… Let us know ! :v:
Btw, do you confirm indeed you could go without this registration thing? Like you could actually use your phone without starting to trap yourself in the process? (I doubt but since it has been mentioned by BertG I’d like to know as well !)

Thumbs up(!) and fingers crossed from me.
You should get in touch with Fairphone support (at least if you get the phone registered in Columbia) to let them know. Maybe you are at least entitled for an official FP t-shirt for your hard-core testing efforts. :wink:

I’m with you, when you take on the Colombian administration!

Hi folks,
well my homologisation process continues… a few weeks ago I submitted all the required data… 2-3weeks later I received an email saying that the data I supplied didn’t suit my model of Fairphone… the FP1 and FPV1 designations are causing confusion.
I submitted everything again clearly stating that this is for a FP1.
I received a reply yesterday saying that the data has been accepted… except that I need to supply a letter: > " by which the GSMA informs the manufacturer of the TAC assigned to the mobile terminal equipment to be approved"
I submitted TAC assigned taken from IMEI number but they say > " the CRC made the respective consultation and verification in the GSMA and showed that there is NO consistency between the TAC informed and the model of the terminal equipment object of the procedure."
If someone out there knows where I can get this information PLEASE let me know… I feel like I am close to getting this homologisation thing done… before my phone is blocked… (due in 2 weeks!!!)
I would really appreciate your help.
PS I have informed Fairphone that I am doing this but have heard not received any assistance from them…yet… but I hold out hope!!

My guess: Don’t place your hopes with Fairphone in this case. They are overloaded with support requests for the FP2 and have ended support for FP1. They have to take care not to “waste” their limited ressources.
Unfortunately at first I hardly understood what you are talking about :frowning:
What TAC did you get from your FP1 IMEI (it’s the first 8 digits if I got it right).
For my FP1 first batch those digits are as follows:
Is that the same number you have?
As the FP1 / FP1V1 already has caused confusion, it might be, that the FP1(U) is registered as a different model (FP1V2 ??), having another TAC as well?
Unfortunately as an end-user you can not even check the TAC with the GSMA to find out if this number fits the phone.
Maybe @Douwe, @anon12454812 or @borjan (sorry, for picking your names ;)) from FP can help you or at least ask some colleague, that knows more about this stuff.

Thanks BergG
Yes I am not relying on Fairphone at this stage… but it doesn’t help to ask…so I sent them an email.
Ah so I see that my TAC (first 8 IMEI digits are different to yours… mine are 35464106… and my FP is also from the first batch… I don’t understand what this is … unless mine is FP1(U) without me knowing it. All of these different references for the first FP are causing the problem I think…
But as you said, as an end user I can’t check the TAC with the GSMA… only Fairphone can do that.
I don’t know that there is anything else that I can do. If anyone has any ideas I would really love to hear them. Or if anyone knows about the TACs for the different FP1 models…please talk to me!
It feels really frustrating to just wait for the CRC to block my phone… and see and see if it is just blocked in Colombia or internationally…
Thanks for your support!

I have the same 8 digits as @BertG

Just did a search on the internet for “IMEI 35969405” and for “IMEI 35464106” and came up with a rather strange result for your phone:

IMEI 35969405

That’s expected. The linked site (page 1546) unfortunately does not display more info without being loged in.
For your TAC the same site (page 771) does not present any result.

Another site offers really strange results for both TAC
Your IMEI 35464106

More details to be found here: http://www.gsmcamp.info/check-imei-esn-lookup/354641060043414
So you got a konka C828 from Shenzhen Konka Telecommunications T
Really weird. For my IMEI this site states that my phone is a LG KG810 which is equally strange.

At least my TAC results in the expected Fairphone FP1 on the first database while there is no info on yours.

Did you get the IMEI from the phone storage by “dialling” *#06#

Checked on this site - http://www.imei.info/
Result for “your” phone (IMEI V):

[quote]Model: FP1U
IMEI: TAC: 354641 FAC: 06 SNR: 004341 CD: 4[/quote]

Result for my phone:

[quote]Model: FP1
IMEI: TAC: 359694 FAC: 05 SNR: xxxxxx CD: 2[/quote]

So you got a FP1U and that seems to be a different piece of cake unfortunately. :frowning:
Seems Fairphone got no FCCID (has not applied for one) for the FP1U and you have met a dead end. Oh, I so hoped you can make it; just tough luck you ended up with a later (enhanced) phone.

Hi BertG
Yes I got my IMEI from dialing *#06#
So I have an FP1U… and my application was in vain… damn.
Thank you for this… yes after so much effort and trying to decipher technical websites in Spanish I really hoped I would make it! Ah well.
Im really grateful for the support from this site. At least now I know I’ve done everything I could.
Thank you thank you thank you!!! :slight_smile:


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