FP1 in a boot loop after crash

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I have a FP1 with Android 4.4 (about six months now). I was surfing the net with Firefox, nothing unusual, when the phone crashed hard (never happened before). It now is in a reboot loop, showing a black screen with “Fairphone, powered by android” going black for a few seconds and looping over. Interestingly the power button has no effect.

I tried to remove the battery. Upon reinserting it the phone will start to boot and get into the same loop.

I can get into recovery mode, however it shows “No command”.

Is there anything I can do to get the phone booting up normaly?
Is there any possibility to get some of the data out of the phone (most are on the sdcard, but not all)?

Thank you very much


Sounds like your power button might be stuck.

Try this right after putting the battery back into your phone:

That btw is what #dic:recoverymode is supposed to look like.


Hmmm the power button seems ok, it is flexible and clicks when pressed. Can I tell if it is at fault by dissasembling the phone?

No, you can tell if you try the procedure @paulakreuzer quoted above. “Stuck” is maybe not the best description as this is issue is not mechanical. The latch breaks and is open always if I’m not mistaken, sending the power on/off command all the time.

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Hello Stefan,

good I read your reply only now. What I did is I opened the phone, got to the switch carefully removed lint and dirt with a needle, blowed a the switch once and reassembled. From there it did boot no problem. As I noted, it was/is sound mechanically. So, case closed for the time being. I would guess (but this is no more than an educated guess) that the switch closes a circuit when pressed and not the other way around. [Why I think so: A closed circuit consumes power and this is a scarce resource in a mobile phone.] But maybe I am mistaken.

Anyway thanks for pointing me to the power button and your extensive article on dealing with it.

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That’s what I ment. :grin: Latch open for current = closed curcuit. Excuse my fiddly language about electronics. :sweat_smile:

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