FP1 how to change lockscreen

My phone lockscreen used to have a large widget with the time on, useful when wanting to check the time quickly. All of a sudden and with no intervention by me it has changed itself to a small extract from my calendar. I cannot find out how to change it back. can anyone help?

On the lockscreen first swipe down to hide the unlock input. Then swipe to the left until you see a large + sign. Tap it to add lockscreen widgets. If you have more than one you can long tap them and move them around. I believe the rightmost one will be your standard lockscreen widget.

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Brilliant. It worked, after a bit of fiddling. Now I can know what time it
is when I wake up in the night. The little tiny clock at the top of the
screen is too small for me to see when I’m half awake in the dark.
Thank you.
best wishes