FP1 home button/apps button not working after falling from 1 meter

Hi there,
My FP1 fell from my hand with no obviously broken parts, but the capacative buttons for home and apps doesnt work anymore. Back button works fine, the touchscreen also. As I mentioned, the screen appears unbroken, there is no crackling in the screen.
What would be the best next steps? where do iI have to look when I open the phone? Any software workarounds?
I wozuld greatly appreciate help.
Kind regards

There is a setting in GravityBox, which lets you display soft button above the hardware buttons. You will be able to use these to navigate instead of the broken hard buttons.

It’s possible though that the defunct area grows bigger and in the long run renders the touchscreen unusable. In this case you need to buy a new screen for your Fairphone. They will be available again in the shop soon.

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This app, for example, can add software buttons https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appspot.app58us.backkey&hl=de3
I installed it on my FP1, works great!

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