FP1 has started sounding an alarm

My FP1 has started to sound a very loud alarm tone (almost like a car alarm) sporadically when the phone display is off, i.e. with no function active. The only solution appears to be to switch off the phone (but if I switch it back on immediately, the alarm goes off again). What is this alarm, and is there any other way to deal with it? Thanks in advance, Steffi

I don’t have an idea what it might be. But you could use some task manager app (e.g. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ccc71.at.free) to see which process is active next time it happens. That may then hint at the source.

Thanks Ingo - I notice so far it’s only ever happened at home so may have something to do with WiFi.

I just had the same problem last night. It sounds just like a smoke detector! (I wasn´t using it at the time and no special message or anything was shown, the battery wasn´t hot or anything…) I powered my FP down waited a while and turned it back on. All seems normal now.
It was just rather irritating! And I would love to know what it was and if I have to expect it happening again…

Any recommendations on what to do?
I will try the task manager thing if it happens again…
Thanks, Soda
(Please excuse my english - non native…)

Your description reminds me of the countdown feature inside the clock app. Could you try putting it to e.g. 5 seconds and hear whether it’s the same sound?

Since I’ve never had that situation, I would like to have a reference.

oh yeah, that is also quite the distinct sound… but thats not it! I cant find one where it is just one, but it is this sound

That one sounds like the loudspeaker test in #dic:testingmode

That’s exactly what mine sounds like!

I wanted to try the Countdown Feature inside the clock App but couldn’t Find it. Tried the “Sanduhr” but it didn’t make a Sound at all.

I had exactly the Same, Soda, so I am not alone with this! I’ve noticed it really does only happen when I’m on WiFi but never when I’m using mobile Internet. The Sound is also identical, just like a smoke alarm.

It now seems pretty clear it has something to do with being on WiFi, as it’s only ever happened then, but almost always when I leave WiFi running. I suspect Updates of a certain App which are only downloaded when I’m on WiFi - so to Find out I’ve uninstalled the App. I’ll let you know!

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Sure enough, since i have uninstalled the App Viva Video, it has never happened again, although I am now keeping WiFi on all day. So it must have been the App updating that caused the alarm.


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