FP1 doesn't see available wifi networks

Sometimes my FP1 disconnects from the wifi network I’m connected to. When I try to reconnect, the wifi overview doesn’t show any of the currently available networks, only the unavailable networks the phone has previously connected to. Switching off and on the wifi doesn’t fix it, only the “old” networks re-appear. Turning the phone off and on is the only solution it seems. And then everything seems fine, automatically connects to available networks, without asking for passwords or anything.
It’s no disaster, but annoying for sure, and bad for my 3g data because when losing wifi the phone switches to data without notifying. It happens on multiple other routers, so it’s not my router’s issue.

I quickly searched for similar issues on the forum, but couldn’t find any. Does anyone recognize this behavior, or know how to fix it?

In many of these cases the file wpa_supplicant got corrupted and needs to be reset. See here for more information:

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