FP1 does not charge anymore - how to access internal storage?

I have a similar problem, with the only difference being, that the FP stays black (so no power button issue, I guess). I went to bed yesterday with at least 80 % battery and put it into airplane mode. In the morning the phone was empty (that never happened before) and now it won’t charge at all (?).

To be honest, my only concern is to get to my data on the phone. Since the update to the unified partition I was unable to access my internal storage, so I am lacking a proper back-up. Any suggestions for the battery issue? And any ideas concerning access to internal storage?

Any suggestions for the battery issue?

A new battery. :slight_smile:

This is my second battery. I won’t pay 30 euros for a phone that I will most likely have to replace within the next 6 months.

How can I access the internal storage?

I’m on my third battery, but I got mine at #efct16 and didn’t have to pay for shipping… You could organize a community order in your area (#groupbuy) to split the shipping costs.

As to accessing the internal storage: Can you enter the #dic:recoverymode ?

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