FP1 display not lightening

I got my FP1 wet, I disassembled it following the ifixit instructions, let it dry for one week and reassembled. Then, screen didn’t lighten but LED, sounds, and touch sensitivity works perfectly, because it sounds when I have a new message from Telegram, and I feel vibration and listen to the common sounds when I unblock the pattern (from memory cause the display remains black). I disassemble and reassemble the phone again, trying to take care in connecting the display socket to the back of the motherboard but I had the same result. I would like to know if it is possible to repair this, if the connection to the touch and lighten functions of the display are separated (is there a plan?) or anything else I should check. Thanks in advance for your tips.

If you disassemble your phone, does it look dirty? Like sediment from the water e.g. sticks on the connector? Even if not you could try cleaning the connector as well as any other dirty part of the display with alcohol and then let it dry again.
If that doesn’t help I fear there is nothing else you can do but get a new display.
If you have another FP2 owner near you (e.g. #fairphoneangels) you could test your phone with their display to make sure everything else works (connectivity, sounds, charging, earplugs, …),

PS: Oops, misread your post. You have an FP1. You can still try to clean the insides with alcohol, but I think it’s more likely you might have missed connecting a cable when you reassembled your phone.

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