FP1 display is expensive

I buyed a FP1 two years ago ( Agost 2014 )

My FP1 display is broken.

A new one costs 71 €, but the cost of a new mobile with similars
characteristics is about 100 €.

Mi intention is to last my FP1, but it doesn’t worth economically.

In my opinion 71 € for a new display was a good price two years ago, but now is too expensive ( Agost 2016 ). It is a price that compels me to buy a new mobile and I don’t think that this is the filosophy of Fairphone.



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I bet the mobile of 100€ involves conflict materials, unhealthy workconditions for the workers, perhaps childlabour, underpayment of the workers, etc. Nothing fair.
In that perspective the display of the Fairphone is of a reasonable price.


I’d prefer fixing my phone and continue using it, than spending 29€ more for a “new” but outdated phone, and increasing electronic waste.
But right, I agree that parts price should decrease with time.

With some parts becoming legacy parts (ones that aren’t used in mainstream current phones) costs may actually rise as the parts get older, rather than become cheaper. The economy of scale becomes progressively worse (most of the costs end up being overhead rather than materials).


Unfortunately the display is not only expensive, it’s also out of stock.

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Hi Lidwien,

I Understand your point. In fact, those are the reasons why I bought FP1 two years ago. But I also think that there are solutions to the dilemma, that would facilitate a replacement instead buy a new mobile.

Look the spare parts prices . Most of the spare parts has low prices ( Mid frame 11 €, Back cover 7 €, even the battery is not expensive 18 €, and so on… ). If you increase or double de prices oh these spare parts, you can decrease the prices of the display or the motherboard to a reasonable value " in terms of market".

The production of a new display will not become much cheaper. Displays only become cheaper a) when they empty their warehouse, b) when the profit margin is decreased (but it is very low at Fairphone) c) when the display is used (e. g. from a broken phone).

So, if you want to get a cheap display, you will need c). Go to ebay or our marketplace and look if there is an used FP1 display. If not, you can of course post a request for an used FP1 display.


Probably there will be no more displays for the FP1. Got this message from Fairphone “Right now, we are anticipating a situation in the near future where we will not have enough spare parts to provide repairs for the Fairphone 1, because the makers of these components have stopped producing them.”


Thank you for sharing this info with us. So the motto now is: Don’t break your FP1’s screen! :wink:

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I think they will hold back some displays for warranty repairs. But that means for non-warranty repairs that you have to find some used FP1 displays. Are so many “bricked” phones as broken displays out there?

I hope that this lack of displays will not repeat with FP2.


Today, at doors of November. Still Out of stock.

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There’s no indication that there ever will be stock, though they’re trying to find a factory that can do a run of them (and negotiations in such matters appear to take many months):

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I’m really disapointed.

WE, who bought the FP1, who support the fairphone, who give a chance to improve the FP and create FP2.
WE are the forgotten ones.
When I bought the fairphone I knew I will not be on the standards… But what I do not expect is this situation, my display is broken, but I have no chance to buy a new one. We want to reduce the waste, but fairphone does not give a chance.

makers of these components have stopped producing them.

And what about us?

  • Support fair trade is OK
  • Support phone waste is BAD (the only way is throw to rubbish and buy a new one)
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Or to re-use the parts that still work (for instance there’s a similar problem for main boards) and responsibly recycle the rest. I suggest contacting Fairphone Support to ask what your options are.


Hey there, if it helps in anything. I myself need a new screen as well. Today I couldn´t find any spare parts on websites like “ebay” for example, as some of you suggested to search on the black market. Just here to tell you, that there are people who would love to have some new spare parts again.


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