FP1 Died, Battery is OK - Repair / Data recovery assistance required!


I’ve been reading a number of the dead FP1 threads and am following some of the links + suggestions.
However I’m wanting to post regardless as my symptoms are slightly different to the others I’ve found so far!


  • 3 months ago my FP1 stopped turning on
  • While plugged in to charge, no charge light is shown
  • After partial disassembly, Battery is Good - holding a full charge
  • reassembled, still wont turn on
  • when plugged into PC, PC makes the noise for USB device being connected, then disconnected about 25seconds later - repeats infinitely

Goals for posting:

  • ( Ideal! ) Find a miracle way to make it work again
  • Find a way to extract the data from the on-board memory

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated, i have equipment for debugging both the physical and the digital, but i lack experience physically testing circuits to find point of failure so any guidance greatly appreciated!


I’d look for and FP1 owner near you (ideally one of the #fairphoneangels) and exchange parts until you know which part is defected. Then I’d look for that part in the #market.

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Ok thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately i dont see any in the area in which i live - i’ll figure something out in the new year and report back if i have any luck :slight_smile:

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Hello! Did you find a solution? I hope you did, but if not, I’d be interested in getting your FP1 battery since it seems to be working alright. Was it in good shape before your phone broke down? Thanks for your help!

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