FP1 Battery Wanted (Berlin)


I’m looking for a FP1 Battery. I’m staying in Berlin and Lüneburg in Germany

Best regards

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Did you already find this thread:

There Huawei HB5N1H and compatible batteries are working.
This model is a bit shorter and less wide but thicker than the original battery but it works just fine, if you fix it with a spacer.
Batteries that are used and reported to be working are the ones from
(this list must not be complete of course; they are just the one’s I remember).

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Hey, yeah I already saw this thread.
But thanks again for sharing it.

Hey Merten,

a friend of mine gave me his old FP1 including 2 spare batteries, which I actually don’t use at all. I would be glad, if they could be of use to someone else. If you want, I could send you one to Lüneburg or Berlin.
I just don’t know how much power they still have in them :wink:

Greetings Lilly, Augsburg

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Hey Lilly,
wow that sounds great. Let me send you a personal message.

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