FP1 Battery purchase not satisfying

Recently I had to replace my FP1 Battery (which worked now two and a half year without problem). Because some among my friends own also a FP1 since the very beginning, we thought to buy 2 new batteries for having one in spare. First disappointment: the web shop did not allow to order two items. So I had to make two separate orders, two times paying the delivery fee (from holland to switzerland more than the price of the battery itself!). The two shipments arrived me two and three days later, in separate deliveries by DHL. Second disappointment: Why I am forced to choose the delivery by DHL? I would have preferred the normal post. The DHL cars drive around the whole day in the city, only for delivering some small package somewhere. The normal post brings all packages for all houses in one street once a day, and one knows when they are coming.
This topic shows small but nevertheless important possibilities for a fair product!

That is because FP is struggling to keep supplying the demand of FP1 spare parts since nobody wants to produce parts in small quantities (since it’s not lucrative).
With this - I’m guessing - they want to discourage buying batteries in spare, so people who really need one have a better chance to get one.

As far as I know Fairphone simply has to follow the law here. They are not allowed to send two batteries in one shipment for safety reasons. I’m quite certain that the choice of carrier (i.e. not standard mail service) is for the same reason.

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