FP1 & batteries in working order

last year i upgraded to FP3 as i needed some apps that i could not get working on my beloved FP1; now i have emptied and reset the FP1 and will send it back to Fairphone, unless there is someone else out there who has a need for it.
It still works really well & is is near perfect condition. i have 3 batteries - two are the original FP1 batteries and the other is a VHBW with silicone strips to make it fit.


update - one of the original fairphone batteries is starting to swell. it still works, but i did the spin test & it spins so i guess it should not be used. the other 2 batteries (one original fairphone the other a replacement one) are not swelling and work fine.


Interested! For several reasons.
I’ll send to a PM to discuss details.

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happy to know your “several reasons” - are you still using a FP1 yourself?

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