FP1 batteries from a Chinese manufacturer

I made a request at some chinese companys. It doesn’t seem that difficult, to order e.g. 1000 Batterys there.
But they need the specifications…
Could you please tell me more details about your requirements?Then we can suggest the suitable model and capacity for you.

1.Battery dimension need for thickness,width and length?
2.Capacity needed?
3.Continous discharge current and maximum discharge current,or work current?

If you need PCM, please kindly provide detailed information for our engineer evaluation:
1’ with PCM or not?
2’ if need PCM, please provide below information:
your product working voltage?
your product cut-off voltage?
peak current?
working current?
3’ with wire or not? with connector or not?

our engineer will make the specification for you based on your above reply.

I hope fairphone can provide those details?!


What about fair working conditions. Perhaps it’s a good idea to make clear if you go beyond that or not.


Reply to @logaio and to @Lidwien
Apart from at least chosing the factory based on social factors, there might be some legal and regulatory matters to be kept in mind. As lithium-batteries are considered hazardous material, there have to be special shipping precautions and I would guess importing them will require lots of special customs declarations etc.

Should a chinese company be willing to produce those batteries:

  • Who will be their contractor and pay the chinese company for those batteries?
  • This person has to be aware, that he/she is taking over lots of responsibility and risk, as the batteries have to be stored and distributed.
  • What happens in case of defective batteries (just remember the bloating of many of the first batteries for FP1) or if a battery - worst case - goes up in flames?
  • Will the people with defective batteries get another one and how many spare batteries to order for cases like this.
  • What happens to the batteries that remain in the end.
  • Should the person organizing the battery importing and distribution be considered to be a businessman, he/she might well face unavoidable legal obligations like for repurchase or recycling.

In my opinion it would really be recommended to contact a lawyer for the legal parts and do some accounting for the financial part (shipping, handling, storage, distribution, insurance).

I am no specialist for those kinds of business, but you should ask Fairphone for some of those informations as well.
Well, in all, I would neither want to take that risk myself nor would I want someone else to take it for me, unless that is part of this person’s business.


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