FP1 and PlusNet SOS!

Are there any FP1 users on PlusNet in the UK? I recently switched my network from O2 to PlusNet (which uses the EE network). Everything was fine except I couldn’t receive or send MMS. I contacted PlusNet, who sent me a new SIM. MMS is now fine, but I can’t get the data to work. Specifically, although all APN settings are correct, I can’t select a specific APN: there’s no longer a button appearing to select. PlusNet have basically washed their hands of me, saying it’s the handset’s fault and they know nothing about Fairphone. Has anyone come across and resolved this problem? Thanks.

I’ve now figured out how to make it work after reading some comments on a Giffgaff thread, so just putting it here in case anyone else has trouble. Amend the default APN (but leave the name unchanged) as you need to. For APN type, check both default and MMS. Voilà.

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