FP1 acts as if the home button was being pressed every second

Hi all,

My 3+ years old FP1 (1st batch) started acting weirdly lately. I have been dealing with unwanted reboots, battery level drops and other occasional freezes, but these seem to be the “normal” behavior of the FP1. Now I’m experiencing a far more annoying problem:

every app I try to open closes immediately, I can’t access to anything but the home screen, no settings, no phone, no apps, no contacts… I noticed today that the thin blue line that usually appears when you press the home button (navigation bar at the bottom) was actually flashing as if I was spamming the home button. This even prevents me from rebooting the phone. It’s not all the time though, it just goes weird for a few hours then back to normal.

more info:

  • storage update done, OS updates all done (4.2.2)
  • using 2 sim cards + a 64 go memory card
  • changed the battery for a new one about a year ago because the old one was swelling (still big drops in battery level)
  • never dropped the phone or exposed it to intense heat/humidity, screen in good condition (a few scratches, but no crack)

Has anyone been experiencing the same thing? Could it have something to do with the hardware? Do you think I should try a hard reset?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What you should try is a #touchscreentest .

Thanks for the hint. Touchscreen test seems okay – although the home button isn’t where the screen would show anything, but looks like the hardware is not the problem.

To rule out a problem with a third party app, boot to #dic:safemode

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