FP1 - 2 batteries and 1 phone to give away (for parts)


I’ll be visiting France in the coming weeks (I live in Canada), which will increase the opportunities to giveaway my old FP1 for parts and my 2 functioning FP1 batteries.

Anybody interested in any of this?
I’m not sure if and how I can ship a battery by itself though, it looks forbidden in many places.

Worst case, I’ve printed the free shipping label so I’ll send the phone and one battery to Fairphone/Teqcycle for recycling.


PS: anybody know what I could do with my third, bloated FP1 battery?

Please dispose of it locally in a sensible way. If you want to make it super-safe, tape the contacts before disposing it at the nearest special waste facility.

Regarding the functional device, please email one of the French Fairphone Angel heavens so French activists can use your old FP1 for repairs or actually to hand it in complete to someone who can still use it. Email addresses see here:

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Thanks for that link, much much much appreciated!

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I’m interested in a FP1 for parts!
My screen has just stopped working last week, and may be also the “daughter board” (not sure about the translation).

When are you there? Which city are you coming to?
You can contact me directly on olivia_pelegrin@hotmail.com

Looking forward to meeting you!
Best regards,

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Hi Matt,
I’m located in the west of Switzerland, and still use my FP 1, which is working fine, except for the battery, that’s why I’m looking for a battery.
Would be happy to receive one, if it is possible to ship it, or if you are near the border to Switzerland…

Thanks, Karin

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