FP1/1U battery security specs

Hi Fairphoners, I sold a used Fairphone to somebody in the US and I am going
to ship it these days. When I called DHL-Express today, they said I could ship the phone as long as it meets certain requirements. One important information I need is the prove of so called UN-measures. I need to prove, that the Fairphone battery is a “UN3481” battery. I did not find any Infos on that in the online shop or in the Fairphone specs. I also already tried to contact the customer zendesk, but no answer from them so far. Doeas anyone know were to obtain those infos? I also did not find it in the original package I have… Thanks!

Odd, I thought the UN3481 was just used as a description (in this case a Li-Ion battery inside or with equipment), but not necessarily as a specific standard.
If I follow DHL’s chart, it most likely wouldn’t even need special labelling (unless going to/from Asia-Pacific regions) - batteries contained in equipment, <20 Wh per Cell (as the entire battery is 9.2 Wh), 1 battery, and most likely 1 cell, though I can’t prove the last bit…


Thanks @Johannes for the chart, even if it is form DHL UK. Not sure if DHL Germany has the same requirements. I am a also a bit unsecure about shiping the Fairphone to the US without any certain description about the content of the parcel. Does anybody has experience with that? Thanks!

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