FP works after 11m drop on concrete

My FP slipped out of my chestpocket and fell on the sidewalk when i was leaning over our balcony on the 3rd floor. While it fell, i saw the whole 9 month i spent with the FP flashing by. But when i picked it up, put back in the battery and switched it on, it really booted up! It fell on the upper left corner of the screen, so it was pretty smashed and i couldn’t type in my code any more, but after changing the screen for a new B-ware screen (i can’t see any defects on it), it works just as new. That was quite impressive, great product!!! And i have one more argument for people who don’t care about fairtrade etc., to buy a fairphone!


Great story!!! Thank you for sharing it! :smiley:
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great story indeed! @Gumbo: lucky you! @Stefan: here’s your like button again > , sorry for taking it with me last time…