FP TWS earbuds experience/feedback

Hi all,

I’ve been using the FP TWS earbuds for a few days since my other set got a loose connection. A few things I’ve found frustrating:

  • There’s no way to turn the earbuds off without the case. If I put them in my pocket it’s likely that the random touching will trigger various controls on the earbuds.
  • Whilst in my ear they will occasionally randomly start and stop the track I’m listening to, presumably because of phantom touches from my ear being interpreted as finger touches
  • They fall out of my ears if I lean over forwards, e.g. tying my shoelace, which is quite frustrating
  • More generally, none of the various bud sizes keep the buds snug in my ear, they will eventually work their way loose whilst walking, then I have to push them back in, which gets interpreted as a command, which is more frustrating, etc :slight_smile: Unfortunately I think this means that jogging with them is a non-starter for me

Main plus point of these is that they seem to have very good sound quality compared to my previous earphones, although voice-through and ANC sound a bit weird so I don’t use them.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Have you looked at other posts/topics ??

Your new topic title is pretty general and may encourage others to spread user experience hence finding it even more laborious to track any issue.

Have a look at the following to see if you can find what you are looking for, I’m pretty sure it’s there



No, I didn’t do that search but before I posted I did look at every topic title which was tagged with “earbuds” and didn’t see anything clearly related to these things. Anyway, I’m not particularly looking for help, I’m discussing the products, as The Products and Discuss tags are for. What’s wrong with spreading user experience?

Something else I found: The “voice through” mode is amazing! It actually amplifies background noises, I can hear birds singing very clearly! :smiley: However, on a bike it picks up and amplifies the wind noise too much, so isn’t usable in this case.

I’ll carry on sharing my experience as I use them more :slight_smile:

Cheers :smiley:


Yeah, I use the medium size in one ear and the small size in the other, but neither fits well. And this is the second most annoying thing for me: I can’t touch them to reposition them or push them back in more securely without them registering a command, so it does a “next” (skipping to the next track/video), or enabling/disabling noise cancellation.

The most annoying thing is that there is no way to disable the Google Assistant feature of the left earbud. I don’t want to use the assistant, EVER. But apparently the only way I can turn it off is to disable the entire Google app, which then means I can’t use it to search, and can’t use google lens for QR codes and translating menus. I want those features of the app, but I really, REALLY do not want the earbud to open Google Assistant. Ever. But it seems there’s no way to stop that.

This is not a problem with Google Assistant, because until I got the earbuds and they started opening the assistant all the time, I could just choose not to use it and pretend it didn’t exist. Now my phone use keeps being interrupted by the “Hi, how can I help” popup from the bottom of the screen, which I need to dismiss to go back to what I was doing.

I’m generally pretty happy with them, but phantom touches and accidental commands are frustrating, and the fact that one of those accidental commands starts an app I don’t want is infuriating.

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Maybe you could try . .

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be seeing there, it’s mostly stands for on-ear headphones. If you mean something to stop them falling out, it doesn’t really help the problem of launching Google assistant, an unwanted feature.

Scroll through the images :slight_smile:

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