FP turns off without notice


I looked though several posts but could not find any solution. So I hope I can get help from one of you guys.

Even my phone is fully charged (I charged for several hours) and just in use for a short time, It turns off without notice and I am unable to switch it back on without current supply. I read that the battery charge doesn’t show the accurate percentage because of an software error. Therefore, I reset by FP to factory condition. Unfortunately, without any success.

Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot


I suggest you try “BatteryBot Pro”. It logs some conditions of the battery. The one you should look at is the voltage. A fully charged battery delivers 4.1 - 4.3V If it’s below that but the phone reports 100%, your battery is faulty. A full (hard) restart helps (helped me) on short notice, but you should get a new one.

P.S.: Btw: BatteryBot Pro is free.

First check if your battery is bloated. :warning: If so take it out immediately, stop using the phone and contact support!
Otherwize I’d suggest you reset the battery as described here.
Also check out this guide about battery related problems and solutions.

Thanks both of you. I was thinking that my case was broken because I hardly could close the backside. But yes - as you now mentioned - my battery is bloated. I will contact the support. Thanks again for the advise and the links.