FP Operating System Options

Not trying to start any kind of war of words or emotions. I know these kind of questions can rankle some. That is not my intention.

I have owned a FP1 and FP2, and have always just used the Fairphone Open Android offering, without Google crap, and more or less, have been satisifed.

I installed lineageOS on my tablet a couple months back, and it seems to be pretty clean.

I started wondering, should I install lineageOS on my FP2?

I also recent came across PureOS – which looks great for phones, but is apparently not an option on the FP.

But, it peaked my interest: what is the best open source, robust, non-tracking, privacy based OS available on the fairphone??

I can’t really judge the Lineage on my tablet, because I barely use it =(

Nor, do I have to time to go through and go to the trouble and install other alternatives to test them out, which is why I am asking.

What have you guys installed, and had success/enjoyed using, in a very privacy/secure/stable way??

Any stories are welcome and encouraged.

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Check out the #oslist for all the options.

I guess #lineageos, #openos, #ubuntu and #sailfish are the best options for you.
Personally I recommend Lineage OS, because you can use the F-Droid store (afaik not available on Ubuntu or Sailfish) and it is further along upgrade-wise than Open OS.

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Im using /e/ and it runs stable, I used Ubuntu for a while and realy liked it, it did run well and I realy liked it, but you don’t have all the latest Android apps. I tryed Sailfish for a few days, but it didn’t work out for me. When the next OTA is out I’ll probably switch back to UT.

I’ve been using LineageOS on my phone and I’d recommend it, even though I had a couple of issues with it: camera quality completely destroyed compared to the default that came with the original OS, and kinda big deal was that my phone stopped being supported suddently and I’m running it without any updates for months now (hence why I’m here since I’ve been looking for a decent alternative and found about Fairphone).

Thanks for the insightful replies.

It seems like my “feeling” was correct, that LineageOS is the best alternative, in a field, with no real alternatives. =/ I had a feeling that the Ubuntu OS was also Ok.

I guess having no absolute reason to leave the Fairphone Open OS, I will just stick with it for now, and table this action for another day. The simple fact of updating required apps (2FA), etc, all make it unnecessary for me at this time.

Thanks again! Have a nice day.

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I have used SFOS as my main OS since 2013 and love it. Useability and privacy are excellent. Just beware, FP implementation has no Android app compatibility, and the stock browser isn’t compatible with lots of sites (e.g. ebay) so it will take some getting used to.

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I’m running Ubuntu Touch on my FP2 since April, when I bought it. I really love it. It still has some bugs though, I would still consider it beta, even if I use it as my primary phone.

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