FP Open OS 16.07 is now available

Thank you. Now using FP Open OS :slight_smile:


Odin is a software to flash images to Samsung devices, because Samsung replace the normal fastboot interface with a proprietary one on their devices.

So the helper software should use the fastboot interface available in the FP2.

Updating from 16.06 to 16.07 was no problem. Thanks.

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I also started Open OS wit 16.07. First impression unfortunately is the missing while buggy setting of display/sleep. This bug doesn’t seem to be new. Display/Sleep can influence power consumption and otherwise annoys me when taking myself time for reading without having display automatically shut down after half a minute

Is there any screenshots or video showing FairphoneOpenOS ?

Also, I’m somewhat sad to not seeing any community driven ROM projects as it’s the case for other phones.

There are, actually. Feel free to contribute!

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It looks the same as the regular FP OS.

Difference is mainly, it is rooted and without Google mobile services. But it has the same (Fairphone) Launcher and is also close to stock Android, so it looks and feels the same.


If you mean this thread: [SOLVED] Display sleep timeout is limited to 30 seconds
I have no problem on 16.07

Thanks but I fixed display/sleep bug just by following the same topic . This bug shows that many ways to get FP OPen OS installed also can suffer from side effects. One way of them shows this problem for some people . There are people at that topic that get really nervous from side effects after any kind of update. And in april I was one of them.

I’ve just suffer the fourth random reboot since I updated, two weeks ago aprox. How unfortunate, never had them before, :frowning:

Because I thought (from april - july) I am the most unlucky devil and my FP2 never rebooted arbitrarily it must be a certain app on your FP2. Are you sure your FP2 never rebooted this way before OS 16.07 ?

I waited until the fourth disruptive and random reboot to post here. I’m a tech ascetic, and a control freak (you can tell from my activity here in the forum). I can assure you my FP2 is at the same state as of 16.06 (and, not counting app updates, as of 16.05 too): no new apps, no new nothing.

PD: Fifth one right now, D:

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So, not to be nitpicking (haha you will say…) Looks like 16.08 is missed, or we are just a month behind?

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1.6.2 is only 9 days old, not a month.

Yes, but we had the discussion before. There it was said that 16.08 will follow in a week… So, maybe it’s really better to slip the release of 16.08 and directly jump to 16.09 to make good some time? I don’t know what would make it so difficult to get FP Open OS released very shortly after the “regular” OS, EXCEPT that maybe support time for “normal” users jumps to a high after the release, which might well be, as i guess most people will use the standard os. Remember, still not that much transparency here.

And please note: still way better than many mainstream smartphone manufacturers, regarding currency of the software


I could not find any explanation from FairPhone for the delay of updates for the open fairphone OS. So I assume, that they do mutch more qualified work for the open OS users than for the other not so demanding majority.
My suggestion: Just start earlier with prepairing the updates for open OS users. It should be possible to deliver both versions at nearly the same time, and not as it is in the moment, weeks later.

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