FP Open OS 16.07 is now available

Update went fine (as always).


They did it again!

And again our two FP2 where updated perfectly.
Both are unencrypted and without Xposed or Gapps of any kind.

Good work! Thank you Fairphone!


Same problem as freibadschwimmer on my side… Since I did this update, my phone is continously optimizing the apps and reboot. Impossible to start my FP2 anymore…

I confirm that. Last three updates I had to re-install Gapps via sideload. Note to myself: Hold a copy of Gapps on the sd-card.

Actually I had that, Just didn’t install it right away. :blush:

Though I am also not sure if this would work (I should test it some day), since for example GMS got an update since the last FPOOS update, so I’m not sure if installing the old openGAPPS package would be a good idea.

Update went withoutany problem.
Fairphone is not rooted, without any kind of GAPPS, not yet encrypted

Yes it is! :wink:

The Open OS is rooted by default, you can activate it in the developer settings, if you ever need it :slight_smile:


Yes, it still creating storage/emulated/0/updater/ on the user data (the absolute path is /storage/emulated/0/storage/emulated/0/update/, do you see the incongruity?), :frowning:

Update went well, encrypted phone without any google, microg or gappsxyz stuff.

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Hmpf. My updater doesn’t haven any updates for me yet…

…hadn’t they announced that there wasn’t going to be a 16.07, but instead only a 16.08 coming in a few days? (I think August 23rd was once mentioned by @Douwe?)

Does it make sense to update to 16.07 - I also have Gapps Pico and assume it will again cause some problems like a bootloop, as it did the last time - if the next update will come out in just a few days? I think if that’s still the plan, I’d just as well wait and only risk problems/reserve time for fixing bootloop issues once…

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I guess it comes down to whether you’d like your phone to be more secure until the end of the month or if you’d rather risk security issues than update issues. Take a look at the Security fixes in the changelog in the first post - it’s longer than all of the previous updates’ combined.

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Just install a new openGapps package after the update. Seems that it worked for everyone who posted here.
Have it ready on your SD before you initiate the update process.


The bootloop caused by OpenGAPPS is annoying indeed.
If you update, and as soon as the Fairphone restarts press ‘volume up and power’ to enter TWRP, you can reinstall GAPPS without ever seeing the bootloop.

But, 16.08 should be here soon. And as we will try to get closer to the Google releases again in September, 16.09 might be released pretty soon thereafter as well. We’re hoping for the second or third week of september.


You would make me a happy man. Thanks for the heads up!

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Flawless update here. Thanks for this awesome work of providing a “free” flavor !

How did you copy the package to your phone?

I also had no problems updating. I use the FP Open OS, root activated, not encrypted, mircroG and Xposed (has to be re-flashed after every update) installed.

Update from 16.06 to 16.07 via updater went smoothly here :slight_smile:

I might try out the OOS soon, once I have time to spare and all.
Some thing that is bugging me a while is the update to Android 6.x. Are there any plans for it yet? Considering Android 7 is coming soon too.

Also, I’m somewhat sad to not seeing any community driven ROM projects as it’s the case for other phones. Seeing how the source code is available it should bring together some motivated developers, don’t you think?