FP Leak: New Fairphone will run Android?

This post about a French convention FP joined states that Daria Koreniushkina, in charge of FP Public Relation, declared « Il aura toutes les caractéristiques d’un smartphone moderne et tournera avec la dernière version d’Android. »

“It will have all the features of a modern smartphone and it will run the last Android version”

Seriously? Android again?

I admit I was strongly open for an open OS for the new version… :frowning:


I think this was already known before, wasn’t it? There would be an option to install other OS, but the “standard” option would be Android.

More information about the FP2: Fairleaks: Leaked information about the Fairphone 2 [Wiki]


They’ve said before that they pick one OS that they’re gonna fully support and allow the ability to load other OS-es on there. Since Android is a very sensible option as a primary OS, it’s not strange that FairPhone choose Android again. If you want an open OS, then you’ll be able to run it on your FP2 as well, but it won’t be supported by FairPhone themselves.

Oh I see danielsjohan said basically the same thing. Sorry :slight_smile:


I hear FP1 talking…

Just because Android would be the standard “out of the box” experience, doesn’t mean that it will be locked into Android. Hopefully (we can but hope!) that this time will be different… :wink:

I don’t really understand what you mean by this :flushed:

I don’t see a problem with that either as long as that Fairphone version of Android will not be less free than the previous one meaning as long as Google Apps are not installed by default.

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Personally, I don’t like it to always have to (re-)install GApps. I just want to use my smartphone. But that’s a discussion for an other tread :slight_smile:

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Yes you’re right, it doesn’t mean another OS could not be installed on the phone. However, it does mean that there will be no official support and thus there is no assurance that the system will work properly. Especially if it’s a community ROM.

But you don’t think it’s worth forcing in everybody else as well just that you don’t have to do a few clicks once in a while?

You and me can argue endlessly about whose preference is the “best”, because every choice will be forced upon the other. That’s what happened in this topic :smile:

Personally, I think you have to look at the “general consumer”. Try to look at which kind of people you want to sell the FP to. And I am convinced these are not, as a majority, people who are willing to go trough more trouble than there would be with a random phone of an other brand. Since FP sells their phone as “as Fair Trade as possible”, with a focus on mining and production, the first target group iare people wo are concerned about fair trade, mining conditions and workers welfare. Not data privacy.

I am convinced there is a group of consumers that would be very happy with a Google-free phone. But I am also convinced that the FP, in order to reach as many people as possible, should not try to serve this relatively small group of people, if it means offering a worse user experience.
But again, that’s just my opinion. We know now what’s the FP approach, now the specifics of the FP2 are presented.

I would advise to close this topic down. If you want to keep discussing this issue, I would prefer to do it in the already existing topic I already linked to.

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According to this website, by default, the Google Apps will be pre installed. There would be an alternative Android version available. (Source: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Fairphone-2-Android-Smartphone-in-Modulbauweise-2690732.html)

However, as @danielsjohan mentioned, there is a long discussion about that already. Also @anon90052001 mentioned the decisions around Software are not final yet. So let’s please wait until then before we start discussing that over-and-over for the third time.

That’s not true. Installing Google Apps on a Google free phone is no hassle. So it’s not forcing a choice on anybody. Removing Google Apps from a phone which has them installed by default is much more difficult and even though I wouldn’t call it difficult, your “general consumer” definitely would. So that would force a choice on the user.

Giving the user an easy option to choose privacy is not just serving a small group. What about people realizing they don’t need to give up privacy for SMS, browsing the web, phone calls and an address book? Preinstall GApps and they may never find out.

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Reinstalling GApps won’t be necessary anymore. By default they will be included.

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[quote=“jftr, post:15, topic:6558”]
Reinstalling GApps won’t be necessary anymore.
[/quote]It never was. :imp:

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He means the same promise was made for FP1, but that never became a reality.
I do not believe FairPhone will make the same mistake again.

You are right, this was a huge let-down with the first edition Fairphone. However I’m optimistic it won’t happen again.

First, they seem to be a lot more proactive to speak with developers of other operating systems. With a Qualcom SoC they also chose a platform that is much easier to get different ROMs running (they did that on purpose!). They are even planning to release source code and development environments ahead of time. And finally they know and fear the wrath of their Open Source loving community by now :wink:

All these points are detailed here: https://www.fairphone.com/projects/creating-a-developer-friendly-software-environment/


Yes, of course it never was :smile:

What I meant is that Fairphone 2 will come with Google Services installed but there will be a version without them available for installation (I presume with Fairphone Updater app just like is has been the case for vanilla versions of Android for quite some time).

[Unfortunately I’m not able to find the link to back that. I’ve read it today somewhere on fairphone.com]
Edit: I’ve found the source. It was a press article.

[quote=“jftr, post:19, topic:6558”]
Fairphone 2 will come with Google Services installed
[/quote]Shoot me now!


Now it all comes down to the question of trust…

Do we trust them to avoid making the same mistake ?
Do we trust them to listen to the open source community and to take their wishes into account ? (while promoting an Android phone with GApps pre-installed :scream:)

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