FP forum sticky / done tags overlap post titles on fp4 (edit: using old theme)


Does everyone else see the sticky, and done, tag icons overlap post titles on the fp4?

Not to the extent I can’t read, but seems a little odd on their own company forum :slight_smile: edit ; on Chrome

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Maybe your browser, what are you using? I’ve no such problem on Firefox.

Are you sure you just haven’t scrolled up enough?

Trying to emulate your view with the menus left and right ??

That depends on the interface you use, with the Fairphone Original Theme its not like this.

You could change under your account preferences


That’s what I was looking for but couldn’t find it via my phone.
AH! have found it now :slight_smile:

All ‘good’ unless I scroll up a bit :slight_smile:

Oh nice yeah I was on 2017 Theme for the forum, must have done that ages ago. ‘Original’ theme looks much better

@amoun I mean the pin logo next to the titles, as you say the labels up too were perfectly fine I just took the screenshot whilst scrolled down a little

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Apologies I often don’t read things well enough, but yes the Original Interface seems OK :slight_smile:

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