FP 4 network disconnecting automatically

Hi all,

I’ve bought the FP4 in April and have a couple of very annoying issues.

The first is that, quite often, the mobile data does not connect. I have to disconnect the network and only then it connects. See the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-dx2aiQ5foic7O_Pha8cPyDy6B2c9Flh/view?usp=drivesdk

The other is a new issue and more cumbersome. I’m abroad for two weeks now and, often and without any reason, the phone simply looses the network. I have to, again, disconnect and connect the network. Is this happening with anyone else?

Not sure if it has any connection, but my network provider is a Belgian cooperative that buys the signal from a main distributor (Orange).
Any help is appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Although it may be useful browsing this forum it is not official help, just other users, so you may want to contact support officially to let them know, especially as it can take some time for them to respond let alone work on the issue.

If turned on you can try to disable VoLTE and/or 5G.

Thanks for raising this issue @JorgePinto I have the same experience on my FP4. Over the last month I had this happen to me 3 times already. The first 2 times I was able to fix it by disabling and enabling the SIM-cards, but today that didn’t work and I had to restart the phone. I’m running FP4.FP3W.A.128.20220516 build on the 8G model. Network via T-Mobile. I tried disabling 5G but that didn’t seem to make a difference. Perhaps I could try to disable VoLTE.

Hi nicorikken,
Things may improve once you’ve installed the latest update, though your network operator may not have made it available to you yet.
Settings > System > Advanced > System update

P.S. - Yes try disabling VoLTE too. This may enable data for you while they correct a bug.

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I updated to FP4.FP40.A.142.20220628 and re-enabled VoLTE. I’ll keep an eye on it to see if the issue persists. I guess if I haven’t gotten back in about 2 months time, then the update most likely resolved it for my situation.

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Everything was working fine in the Netherlands, but after crossing the Belgium border today both SIMs remained effectively disconnected, not having internet. Disconnecting and reconnecting SIMs in software didn’t fix it and I had to restart the phone entirely. Could be a different issue this time though, but still related to modem firmware I assume. Any debug information I can provide?

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