FP 4 & Google Drive Backup

I need help, please - if possible.

My brand new FP4 already had its first major failure; it came back from France yesterday. When I can figure out the cryptic messages, it will have a new main board.

Now last night I wanted to quickly restore the Google drive backup I made before shipping. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and unfortunately there is no description on the net how to do it with the FP4.

I tried it via settings/accounts/my account/synchronization - without success it remains empty.

I urgently need my phone with the data before the repair. But I can see the data backup on the day before the return via Google Drive. (G-Drive/3-Dashes/Backups) But the FP4 doesn’t want to restore the data - at least I can’t find a way. (also no instructions anywhere)

I need my data and a working phone as soon as possible!

I really hope for help here, it always takes a while via the support hotline…

I have no real experience, however think this is possible during initial set-up wizard, when it should ask if a back-up should be re-stored. It seems you are already behind that step, so I would probably do a factory reset and start from scratch

Else its not really something FP specific so maybe some general Tipps can be found via Google or any others search engine

Or in case you havent seen this


@yvmuell A big thank you for the mental push in the right direction!
After starting with the blank FP “Transferring from another Android Mobile” - and most things are back!


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